Spend $500+ and SAVE ON SHIPPING! Spend $750+ and save even more!


Volume Discounts

Order more and save! These discounts will automatically be applied at checkout.

  • Order $500 or more and receive a Shipping Discount equal to 7% of your order subtotal.
  • Order $750 or more and receive the above discount, plus an additional 5% Discount on your order.

    Please Note: Already discounted items do not count towards these Volume Discounts. For example, if you order $450 of regular merchandise and $100 of closeout merchandise, you will not qualify for the Shipping Discount. If you order $700 of regular merchandise and $100 of closeout merchandise, you will qualify for the Shipping Discount, but will not receive an additional 5% discount on your order.

    Note about Shipping Costs:

    In an Amazon-Prime world, many are unaware of the real costs of shipping, which in reality are very high. We charge you exactly what UPS charges us, based on the dimensions and weight of the specific products that you order. The bulkier the item, the more it will cost to ship. This is why plush is more expensive to ship than other products, because even though plush is light in weight, it's still bulky (has large dimensions).

    For more information about shipping, visit our Shipping Information Page.